Hot And Cold Model 3 star (FTKY50UV16U3 )


Salient Features

  • Cools at 54°C
  • The PM2.5 air conditioner filter traps fine air particles 2.5 microns in width
  • The Power-Airflow Dual Flaps along with the Crossflow Evaporator fans.
  • Daikin’s Stabilizer Inside operation regulates voltage across a wide range of fluctuation (130V~285V) and helps ensuring smooth operations during voltage fluctuations.


An all-weather air conditioner series that gives the promise of ultimate air conditioning in any given situation! The FTKY50UV16U3 is exceptionally powerful for both heating as well as cooling needs. Being a smart inverter AC, it lets you get more, save more.

Additional information

Capacity (T R)



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