Commercial & Industrial AC

Commercial and industrial air conditioning systems are normally installed outside on a rooftop platform, although they can also be installed on the ground level. They have one or more compressors, as well as an evaporator fan and coil set and a condenser fan and coil set.Larger air conditioning systems are available for commercial and civil uses, as well as for industrial process cooling. With an emphasis on the environment, there is a greater need to ensure that these systems are energy efficient and have a minimal carbon impact.

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Ductable Air Conditioners

Ductable split units are ideal for your home. They can also be utilised in open-plan workplaces, restaurants, schools, shops, and other big areas or locations that require a certain level of balanced air dispersion. The duct network of ductable split units aids in cooling the conditioned space. These units take up less room on the floor. The ductable split units, as the name implies, work essentially through a series of ducts to keep you both cold and warm. They are made up of an internal fan coil that is put in the home’s roof.
Daikin Ac Dealers | Comfort Cool Systems
Daikin Ac Dealers | Comfort Cool Systems